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How long does it take to do a Powerflush

To powerflush a central heating system would take approximately 1 day. Although this is dependant upon the condition of the heating system and the degree of sludge build up. For heavily sludged systems it is prefered to leave the cleaner in a system for a longer period of time to get an effective result.

What is the difference between a combination boiler and a conventional boiler?

Are all boilers condensing these days?

Yes, all new boilers currently being fitted are condensing. This is all in the name of effeciency.  

How efficient will a new boiler be over my old one?

How much of the local area do you cover?

Our business primarily, covers Sevenoaks and the surrounding area. although we are happy to  

Do I get parts for my old boiler or invest in a new one?

In most cases boiler spares can be found, although the older the boiler becomes, the less avaliably of spares, and with that they become more exspensive to repair. We are happy to advise on individual cases and weigh up the pros and cons for each customer.

What is the procedure for a Landlords Gas Safety Report?

Appliance Checks

  • Check appliance make, model, type

  • Check flue type

  • Check operating pressure in Mbar or heat input kW/h or Btu/h

  • Check safety device(s) correct operation

  • Spillage test

  • Smoke pellet flue flow test

  • Check combustion analyser reading (if applicable)

  • Check flue termination satisfactory

  • Check flue visual condition

  • Check for adequate ventilation

  • Landlord’s appliance

  • Appliance service

  • Check appliance safe to use


Gas pipework Checks

  • Check for satisfactory visual inspection

  • Check emergency control is accessible

  • Check satisfactory gas tightness test

  • Check equipotential bonding satisfactory

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